UNearthED: Time Line to Date

May 2013, Design and concept by Evan Howell, UVA Post Baccalaureate Sculptor

June 2013 Summer UVA sculpture class works with Baker Butler Students making artifacts

August 2013 Preliminary Excavation and Slab cast Evan Howell

Spring 2014, Model of Amphitheater made by Joe Schepps, current project director.

June 2014 UVA Summer Sculpture students work with Baker Butler 3rd Graders to make artifacts

June 2014, Amphitheater Excavation enlarged.

July 2014 Temporary Fencing Installed.

Sept. 2014 Amphitheater Excavation completed. Amphitheater construction begins.


November 2015 Amphitheater stairs and seats get Building permit approval


UnearthED: Future Time Line


2015/ 2016 UVA Sculpture students work with Baker-Butler students, Faculty, staff, and parents to design and create 600+ artifacts, one by each member of the Baker Butler Community.  

Artifacts embedded in Adobe Bricks.

Winter  2016 Monument designed, built, and installed next to Amphitheater platform, by Sculptor Nick Watson (http://nickwatsonart.weebly.com/)

Spring  2016   Adobe Bricks form  earthen mound constructed around the monument.

Early May 2016 Public Celebration of UNearthED as part of the

2nd Annual International Sculpture Day.  

President Obama invited to ceremony.

Spring 2017 First excavation of yearly excavations of 20 objects per year, excavated by 5th graders working with UVA Sculpture and Archeology students.  Artifacts recorded on a web site and returned to creators.

Spring 2047     Final Excavation takes place completely exposing the monument fully.

Fall 2047 New Artifacts made, new Earthen Mound formed,

Excavation process is repeated