Echoes of Nature Sculpture Park at Baker-Butler Elementary School.

2740 Profit Road, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia, 22911


“UNearthED” is the title of a Sculpture/Archeology project of the UVA Sculpture and Archeology Communities. It has been in the planning and construction process since 2012. The original design and concept was developed by Evan Howell, Post Baccalaureate Sculpture Student within the McIntire Department of Art, UVA, during the 2012/2013 academic Year. The unveiling of this project is planned for the spring of 2016. The Archeological Excavation part of this project will commence in the spring of 2017 and continue through 2037.

The Echoes of Nature Sculpture Park was conceived by Isabelle Ramsey, the First Art Teacher at Baker-Butler, as a way to utilize the 57 acre grounds of the school which includes woods, streams, part of the Albemarle County Greenway Trail System as well as the school buildings, playgrounds, ball fields, and parking lots. The UVA Sculpture Community is composed of Students, Faculty, Staff and Friends of the Sculpture Concentration of the McIntire Department of Art, UVA and has been the leading force behind the park since 2008. UNearthED is the latest and 4th in a series of major public sculpture installations at the Echoes of Nature Sculpture Park by the UVA Sculpture Community UNearthED is composed of a small amphitheater set into a hillside south of the school and adjacent to the playground. Centered within the Amphitheater is small concrete platform 9’ x 10’ approached by a wide set of stairs. Next to this platform will rise a monument by Nick Watson UVA Post Baccalaureate Sculptor of stainless steel and Virginia river stones. Surrounding this monument and partially burying it, will be an earthen mound composed of 600 adobe bricks, each containing an artifact of fired clay created by each of the students, faculty, and staff of Baker- Butler Elementary School.

During the next 30 years, starting spring 2017, the 5th grade classes of Baker-Butler will as part of their study of Archeology, excavate a portion of the earthen burial mound and unearth 20 artifacts which will be documented and returned to the creators of the artifacts. In this way, all 600 artifacts will be unearthed and returned to their makers over a 30-year period. Each year of excavation will expose more of the Monument until it is completely exposed and stands free within the amphitheater in the spring of 2047.


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